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Our prices include for the toughened laminated glass panel and the required number of stainless steel glass adaptors.

Fixing into masonry? Take a look at our resin.
Fixing into timber? Take a look at our Wood to Metal dowels.

Glass juliette balcony made from 17.52mm[*] toughened laminated glass with stainless steel glass adaptors for fixing (grade 316).

[*] If panel size is over 2400mm (up to max panel size of 2850mm), then 21.52mm toughened laminated glass must be used.

Dimensions and Holes
We usually suggest adding 150mm either side of your opening. For example, an 1800mm opening would require a 2100mm wide panel.

Holes are 28mm dia and are usually 75mm in from the edge to hole centre.

Weight and Delivery
Please be aware of the weight of the these items (ie, a 2100x1050mm panel is 96kg). Panels will usually be delivered on a 7.5t curtain side lorry (carrying glass only). The panels come as they are, with no protection so extreme caution should be used. The driver will need assistance in unloading so the relevant man power should be made available. For particularly large panels, you may require lifting equipment, such as glass suction lifters, genie lift or fork lift truck. We can discuss these options with you prior to delivery.

There is a flat rate delivery charge of £10.00 for England & Wales, however this excludes postcodes beginning; TR, PL, TQ, EX and also Scotland and Northern Ireland. Shipping charges are calculated during the checkout process.

Lead time approx 12-15 working days. Please allow extra time for public holidays.

For those times when you're in a rush and simply can't wait, we are able to offer a fast click and collect service on our two most popular panels (1500x1050mm (4 holes) and 2100x1050mm (6 holes)). Simply order online or give us a call on 0121 285 9020 and you can collect from us in Birmingham immediately (subject to our standard opening hours).

Although we keep a limited number of panels in stock, the majority are made to order. If your size isn't shown, please select the nearest standard size (ie 2020mm would be 2000mm or 2080mm would be 2100mm) and then make a note of what you require during the checkout process (order notes). Alternatively, you can contact us directly. We will always send a sketch of the panel for your approval, prior to processing.

Heat Soaking
All our frameless glass juliette balconies now include heat soaking as standard!

Heat-strengthened glass has a much lower potential incidence of spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. The process involves placing the tempered glass inside a chamber and raising the temperature to approximately 290C to accelerate nickel sulfide expansion. This causes glass containing nickel sulfide inclusions to break in the heat soak chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential field breakage.

We are able to offer a Glassguard protective coating to our glass panels. Glassguard provides the glass panel with a water repellent coating and helps cleaning become easier and less frequent (required 50-70% less often).


Other extras include; shaped glass (notches around cills, for example), tinted glass (grey, bronze, blue, green) and powder coated adaptors (any RAL colour). As experienced architectural metalworkers, we can also offer in house fabrication of bespoke items. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Read more about our Glass Juliette Balconies in the Product Description below.


Please select your your panel size (ie add 300mm onto opening) and then choose whether or not you would like to add GlassGuard. Any additional information can be added in the order notes section.



Our glass juliette balconies are ideal for fixing to the outside of your house or building when you have inward opening doors. They allow you to bring the outside in, without obstructing that precious view.

Each of our panels are individually made from 17.52mm toughened laminated glass[*]. Holes (28mm dia) can be positioned to suit, providing they are within tolerance. We usually suggest 75mm in the from the edge of the panel to the hole centre.
[*] If panel size is over 2400mm (up to max panel size of 2850mm), then 21.52mm toughened laminated glass must be used.

Lead time approx 12 working days. Please allow extra time for public holidays.

Building regulations require a finished height of 1100mm (1.1m). Our panels are usually made to 1050mm (1.05m) tall, allowing 50mm at the bottom for any cills etc. The top edge of the glass should be 1.1m from the inside finished floor (FFL).

Stainless steel glass adaptors give a 38mm spacing, however we can supply longer fabricated brackets (at extra cost). The adaptors are grade 316 stainless steel and have an M10x300mm long thread which can be unscrewed if required (ie, if fixing timber you may like to use wood to metal dowels).

NB; 1500x1050mm panels require 4 nr holes and 4 nr stainless steel glass adaptors only.   Anything above this size requires 6 nr holes and 6 nr stainless steel glass adaptors.

Assistance with unloading will be required. Some example weights can be found below;
1500x1050mm = 68.9kg
1800x1050mm = 82.7kg
2100x1050mm = 96.5kg
2400x1050mm = 110.3kg
2800x1050mm = 158kg

Extra options available include;

  • Glassguard protective coating which helps prevent dirt build up
  • Glass obscurity (sandblasted/screen printed (including different colours and patterns (10% screen print etch is our most popular))
  • Tinted glass (grey, bronze, blue, green)
  • Extended fabricated adaptors (increasing 38mm spacer to whatever is required (<100mm)).

We are able to offer a Glassguard protective coating to the glass. Glassguard offers protection against;

  • Discolouration of glass from contaminated air and road traffic pollutions
  • Chemical attach including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater, damage by alkaline run-off from construction materials such as cement, concrete and plaster, and from fat, grease and oil products
  • Corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions
  • Etching by electrostatic particles from train, tram and metro networks, and by rust particles.

Benefits of Glassguard include:

  • The surface quality is preserved or restored to its original state, becoming highly water repellent
  • Air and waterborne contamination is unable to adhere to the glass
  • Cleaning becomes much easier and less frequent – required 50-70% less often
  • The surface remains sparkling and will not discolour.

Find out more about Glassguard.

Please contact us to confirm costs for these options.

This product is designed to comply with the latest building regulations. We are able to supply standard glazing calculations to confirm required loadings, deflections and stresses are achieved (following your order).

Glass Juliette Balcony Installation Guide (PDF)

Once you’ve completed your balcony installation, we’d really appreciate it if you could leave us a review and also send us some photos for use on our website and social media channels.

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